Tuesday, 26 May 2009

#theBNParetwats - The Gift That Keeps on Giving

You remember the whole BNP hashtag fun'n'games? Well, it seems that the BNP election flyers have a correspondence address on them.

Originally, I'd planned on gathering a whole lot of flyers, manufacturing a papier mache mosque and sending it to the address. Unfortunately, the Better Half - possibly knowing me too well - got hold of our flyer and binned it before I could begin work. That and I have a very short attention span.

You'll know that I'm a lover, not a fighter, and I was wondering why someone would turn to the BNP. Perhap they thought - incorrectly - that they'd run out of options. Maybe they needed to be educated. So, logically, I thought I'd provide them with some options and some education.

So, I've made this and posted it to them:

It's a traditional Japanese origami game called Pakupaku, I believe, but you'll probably remember it from school where you'd write the names of people you fancied in it.

I've gone for bright shiny colours to gain their interest. I've written in suggestions to try and expand their horizons. Ideas for things to do, nuggets of trivia, films to watch and music to listen to (What little white supremicist music I've heard must mean that Nick Griffin's CD collection is shit)

1. St. George was probably Turkish
2. Watch a Spike Lee film. Ease in gently with "Inside Man".
3. Buy a kd lang album. You can't catch gay!
4. Try a curry. They're really nice!
5. Go for a drink with a gay man. They know lots of hot chicks!
6. Listen to some Public Enemy. They've got a good beat!
7. Churchill originally suggested a United States of Europe.
8. Have some cake. I find I always hate less after some cake

Now, I wouldn't dare suggest that you should waste their time by doing something similar and posting it to The National Office, Admail 4148, London, EC1A 1UY.

That would be silly and childish.


  1. Lovely stuff!
    But I suspect 8 points might be pushing it for a BNPer, given that they count by stamping their hooves.

  2. Number 4 only works if it's a takeaway curry, ordered by phone and delivered.

    Last time I checked, only humans (and possibly guide dogs) were allowed in restaurants in the UK. BNP members do not qualify.

  3. Hm, not sure the Churchill thing will persuade them. BNP Publicity Director Mark Collett said: "Churchill was a f**king c**t who led us into a pointless war with other whites standing up for their race."

    Honestly, they're such muddleheads!

  4. De La Soul have a better beat than Public Enemy

  5. Damn. And De La Soul could've been suggestion number 3. For it is the magic number.

  6. And everyone is De La Soul was gay.

    Actually that's not true but the BNP wouldn't know that.