Monday, 20 July 2009

Screenwriters' Festival - Like Glastonbury Without the Silly Hats

I've suddenly realised that the Screenwriters' Festival in only a handful of months away.

Admittedly, I've only realised this after getting another email from the organisers demanding a headshot for the delegates list. So I got the Better Half to take this:

The thick-rimmed glasses. The cardigan. The thousand yard stare. Doesn't it just scream "professional writer"? That or "likes to keep his victims in a box".

I'm wholly unprepared for the whole event. I've completely forgotten the plot of "In the Name of Light Entertainment", my entry for the "Son of a Pitch" contest. Not a good start. I also have an uncontrollable urge to sing "Sweet Caroline" if anybody hands me a microphone.

So, who's going? Where are you staying? Can I count on your vote for the contest? Should we organise a drink one night for all the bloggers/blog readers?


  1. I'm going! No idea where I'm staying yet as the good hotels of Cheltenham seem intent on ignoring my booking requests, but I'll be there. Going from tues-thurs. Drinks = yes yes.

  2. Yay! Shall see you there!

    Might have to be a tent for me. Or just sleep in my car!

  3. The Power of David will be strong at the Festival, I'll be there too. No need to make arrangements to meet-up -- we'll use our Davey-Sense.

  4. Cool! Yes, the power of Dave will out!

    When I get around to setting up my own website, I'm giving serious consideration to the name!

  5. I find out in August whether I get to be a volunteer... But by that point (if I'm accepted) there'll be no accomodation left and I shall have to sleep in a card board box :(